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LG International Corp. 

LGI’s Core Strength Excels the Company into Becoming the No.1 Global Company
LGI has performed various functions in different fields in the global market since its establishment fifty years ago. During this time, the company has acquired an ability to differentiate itself from other companies.

LGI is known for excellence in performing financing and information processing functions. In financing, the company organizes capital provision means through advanced methods in order to provide clients with custom-made combination financial products. Information processing requires commercializing information collected from the global network and thoroughly analyzing it. LGI also runs different business projects in cooperation with competent partners, utilizing its networking ability.

LGI strives to strengthen organization and risk management skills that create synergy in business performance, based on its accumulated experience and flexible structure, as well as the above-mentioned functions (financing-information processing-networking) through distinguishing itself from other companies in independent profit structure.

The company successfully secured a stable profit foundation via business restructuring and organization innovation that focuses on planning and marketing regarding its apparel business. Its concentrated investment in the casual and accessory market, which are likely to continue to expand, and development of apparel brands will establish the company a status of Korea's No.1 specialized planning and marketing company, generating high profits.
International Trade is One of LGI’s Principle Business.
The company strives to provide optimal products and services to clients from all around the world through its various means, such as exports, imports, offers, compensation trade, trilateral transactions and technology transfers.

Major export commodities are plants, electronics, telecommunication devices, petrochemical raw materials and products, steel and machinery. The company focuses on developing strategic product lines that suit different regional needs from all around the world. Major import commodities are energy and industrial material items such as crude oil, bituminous coal and non-ferrous metal, necessary for the national economy.
Business fields          Handling Items
Petrochemical             Plastics, Chemical Products, Petrochemicals, etc.
Metal & Coal               Steel, Non-Ferrous Metals, Coal, etc.
Energy                        LNG, LPG, Petroleum, Crude Oil, Bunkering, etc.
Food                           Foodstuffs, General Merchandise, etc.
Plant                          Oil & Gas Refinery Plant, Petrochemical Plant, Heavy Electric Equipment, etc.
Machinery& Aviation   Elevator, HVAC, Helicopter, etc.
IT                               Consumer Electronics, Computer & OA, Telecommunication, Electronic Components, etc.